Martini srl proposes an intermittent motion vertical packaging machine for forming doypack® bags with adhesive tape closure. The great versatility of this machine allows to form pillow or square bottom bags through simple operations.
Clifton Packaging Group, established 1981
These are some of the main features:

  • Steel frame (painted or stainless steel).
  • Pneumatic motion back vertical sealing unit forming the bags bottom.
  • Pneumatic motion front vertical sealing unit forming the open/close bag flap.
  • Coloured touch-screen control panel.
  • Quick release knife, no tools required
  • Photo cell for printed registered Film
  • Motorised unwind
  • Motorised vertical sealer

Download a PDF version of the data of the Martini VFFS SX 600 DOY STYLE

Click here to view the Video in more detail to see how it works

Bag Type: Stand UP Pouch
Power Supply: 3PNE 16 AMP
Max Speed: 60 Bags per minute
Bag Width: 70mm – 180mm
Bag Length: 100mm – 280mm
Reel Width: 150mm – 500mm
Max Reel Diameter: 400mm
Air Consumption: 150 / 5.3m (Lts per min/ CFM)
Power Consumption: 7.4 Kw
Net Weight (Kg): 750
Size (H) x (W) x (L): 2040 x 1350 x 1980

Martinin VFFS SX 600 DOY STYLE