MX 800

MX 800

MX800 is Martini’s proposal for needs of packaging sizes up to max 380mm width starting from a film reel of 800mm width. Thanks to our experience we can propose a machine adaptable to different needs with the same characteristics of customization of smaller models. We will provide you the perfect optional equipment for an optimized packaging process based on a thorough analysis of your production needs.

Martini MX 800

  • Steel frame (painted or stainless steel).
  • Suitable for the use of heat-sealable film reels, lap seal or fin seal.
  • Auto centering driving belts driven by 2 brushless motors.
  • Vertical sealing units pneumatically driven.
  • Optional use of hot air vertical sealing unit.
  • Horizontal sealing units driven pneumatically or motorized.
  • Film unwinding unit equipped with photocell and encoder.

Download a PDF version of the data of the Martini MX 800

Robust design suitable for bulk packing applications.

Bag Type Pillow, Gusseted or Quadseal options.
Bag Width 150mm – 380mm
Bag Length 650mm
Max Fill Weight 10 Kg
Bag Closure Heat & Pressure
Power Supply 3PNE 16 AMP
Air Consumption 6 BAR
Power Consumption 6 Kw
Max Speed up to 50 packs / min (depending on Product & Weight)
Size (H) x (W) x (L) 2210 x 1550 x 2135
Net Weight ( Kg ) 1000 Kilos
  • obust design suitable for larger bulk packing applications – 5kg / 10kg

Martini MX 800, Target Packaging System Ltd.