UNICA700-I Series

Multiformat vetical – packaging machine

Always meet customers’ requirements. This has distinguished us for more than 40 years. From this continuous exchange and the technological experimentation of our technicians UNICA700 comes out!

4 bag formats in a single machine: pillow, square bottom, four seals and doypack®.

We’ve made the format change even easier, reducing down times drastically. Now with few simple steps it will be possible to re-configure the entire machine. To a new generation “box motion” movement we have integrated a special circular mechanism that allows the horizontal jaws group to rotate of 90°. Nothing could be simpler! Through a completely renovated touch-screen panel it is possible to change the recipe with a few taps by setting the correct bag size automatically and to have the complete control of the machine.
Target Packaging System Ltd.
These are some of the main features:

  • Continuous or intermittent motion.
  • Vertical movement of the horizontal jaws controlled by a linear motor.
  • Opening and closing movement of the horizontal jaws by means of a brushless motor.
  • Horizontal jaws group with rotation of 90°.
  • Easily repositionable and replaceable vertical sealing group.
  • Available also with double reel holding shaft.
  • Gravity device for the film tensioning with pneumatic spring, controlled by a linear transducer, complete of stroke end photocells.
  • Film automatic motorized lateral centering, driven by two optical fibers which detect its position.
  • Machine automatic stopping device with magnetic sensor, activated when the film reel ends.
  • Film traction by a vacuum pump and perforated belts driven by a brushless motor.

Which Bags can be used for this intermittent vertical packaging machine:

  • Pillow Bag
  • Square Bottom Bag
  • 4 Seals Bag
  • Doypack®

Multiformat vertical packaging machine
MACHINE CATEGORY VFFS – Multiformat vertical packaging machine with intermittent or continuous motion
RUNNING SPEED up to 180 bpm
Max reel width 600 mm (pillow)700 mm (doypack®)
Max reel outer diameter 600 mm
Bore of film roll core min70-max80
Width 1210 mm
Height 1990 mm
Length 2330 mm
*Maximum running speed referred to the model with transversal jaws motion by means of brushless motor. This value depends on the product, the bags weight, the packaging material and the infeed condition of the product.